Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Took a better picture, I hope

Here is a better picture of the scarf I finished yesterday. In this picture you can kind of see the dark green, tan and brown.  It is a little better than the picture I showed yesterday but still not as good as I was hoping it would be.                

I wound a warp for another scarf. I have had this yarn lying around for a while wondering what to make with it. I am  thinking about using a raspberry boucle yarn as weft. Sometimes I have a plan of how things will work in my head but then in person it doesn't look as nice as I thought it would. So we will see.

Other than putting tags on the dish towels, tying knots in fringes on two mug rugs and doing small things around the studio that is all I have for today.



  1. The scarves look looks like you're having a productive time at the studio!

  2. That is a beautiful scarf, Linda. You should show pictures of your wonderful mug rugs, too.

  3. That scarf will sell. It is beautiful. I also think that the raspberry weft will look great with that warp.

  4. That scarf should have wonderful texture!