Thursday, March 29, 2012

One less on the farm

About four years ago I made the decision to buy three Nigerian Dwarf goats. I mainly wanted them to clear off an empty lot we had bought. They quickly became pets. Each had his own personality. One (Esau) is extra special. He is so friendly. Sometimes I think he thinks he is a dog! One time I took my doe to be bred and took Esau along so she wouldn't cry because she was away from the herd. I left him in my van with the van's hatch open. He was in a crate. I thought I had latched the crate well but he got out. I was pretty far away from the van when my friend asks if he was supposed to be loose. I got really worried because he was loose in an area that wasn't fenced in. He was in the middle of acres of open land! He ran to me as fast as his short legs could carry him and then he stayed next to me the whole time!

Recently I made the decision to concentrate on fiber animals. My little hobby farm isn't very big so I decided one of the goats needed to have a new home. The logical choice would have been Esau who is a wether but I decided to sell my doe instead. She is a bit shy and not an in your face kind of goat like Esau is. Today a twelve year old boy and his grandfather came to pick up Emma. His mother told me that he had saved up his money to buy a cow but when his sister bought a little goat he decided he would like one too. I feel really good about selling her to him. I wasn't going to sell her to just anyone. I needed to know that she would have a good home. I believe she will have that and that Nathan will take good care of her. I will miss her. This picture was taken over a year ago. Emma is the goat at the top.



  1. I think she'll be happy in her new home, and you'll be happy that she's well loved. It's almost time for sheep shearing!!!!

  2. Well Emma will be loved by a little boy. Can't get any better than that. I know you'll miss her, but you'll both be fine

  3. Linda,

    When my children were small we had goats and they were like family. Our son would sneak the baby into the house...and in his BED! Well, I tied a bell around his neck (The kid not the boy.) so i could tell if he was in the house or not!

    I miss those times, special memories. I'm glad Nathan got Emma. In fact, my boys name is Nathan, too!


  4. Glad she is happy at her new home... boy oh boy Max sure looks small and fluffy!

    Karen and Steve
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