Thursday, March 8, 2012

The latest rug

Today I wove a few of the Christmas placemats then decided to weave something else. The truth is I was thinking I needed to listen to my doctor. He says I am overdoing this knee and I should be resting it. That was my plan BUT as I was walking near the door I saw some yarn I had bought a few years ago. I set it next to the Studio loom thinking it would make a nice rug on that warp. I just couldn't leave without weaving a few shots to see if I liked it. I do!

This yarn is very thick and has the same colors as the warp. I wish you could feel it. It is very soft.

Well, now time to rest this knee.



  1. Just trying out the weft doesn't mean you're going to weave the whole rug!!!! Maybe it's time to weave on one of your table looms!

  2. That looks great with the warp. No wonder you had to throw a few shots with it. Very nice. Rest up.